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If you are open to a whole heap of learning and change then that's exactly what you will receive. Identify how energy creates, attracts and influences your life - find out how to make your energy work for you. Learn how to change patterns that you are continually repeating Receive daily guidance, tips and practical advice that you can put into practice immediately to make instant change for your life. Online Spiritual Bootcamp comes to you in the shape of a closed group on Facebook for 10 weeks where you will receive daily guidance from myself and my Holistic Life Coach husband, Martyn — there will be daily exercises to keep your energy clean, clear and healthy, weekly meditations channeled specifically from me for that week, theme weeks whether Crystals for good health or simple daily energy centre chakra cleansing.

Tips to help you with everyday problems, daily motivation to kick start your day. It will give you a point of reference and maybe some accountability if that's what you need - although we don't hold you to anything, after all it's your life. Online Spiritual Bootcamp has a completely unique approach. Whilst the usual bootcamps offer fitness for the physical body, Online Spiritual Bootcamp offers fitness for the spiritual body. Confrontation and challenge creates vulnerability which creates emotion which creates integration which creates change - so change will never occur without a challenge and if you're serious about change then this Bootcamp is for you.

Absoutely not. No sweaty socks or runners. This is a journey of self discovery which you can take at your own pace, in your own place, in your own time - without judgement. It IS a Bootcamp though, in the sense that it is designed for 'self help' and designed for change. It will give you a shake up of your current beliefs about yourself and how you view you and the situations in your life.

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There are challenges to do every day and so trying to put everything and everyone else first and getting to the daily exercises once a week when you feel like it may not bring you the change that you desire. Remember if you sign up, then you are seeking change in your life.

The more you put into Bootcamp the more your life will change and the better your life will be. Firstly because we care and we believe that Bootcamp has to be affordable in order to help as many people as possible.

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Secondly we don't have the overheads usually attributed to a physical workshop or event such as food, printing, venue hire, accommodation etc. At the moment Yes. Online Spiritual Bootcamp is run via a closed group on Facebook. There are daily postings but only people in the group can see anything that you post. On previous bootcamps there have been huge benefits in sharing and learning from each other in the group. Realising that you are not the 'only one' can be a great relief and release. We have also seen local 'get togethers' of like minded, fellow bootcampers outside of the course.

Online Spiritual Bootcamp is really serious about change for you because that is why you have signed up - to make change and better your life. We believe that it takes 30 days to break a habit and 30 days to make a new one, Add in some time to get to know each other and there you have 10 weeks.

Houston: A Spiritual and Environmental Wake-Up Call

By introducing Bootcamp methods into your life for 70 days you are less likely to go back to your old ways once Bootcamp is complete. Yes totally. Alice and Martyn are available throughout Bootcamp and additionally by private messenger if that's what you need. There are also options for paid private sessions at your request but that is entirely your choice.

If there are things you would rather not post to group then contacting us privately is also an option. The main focus is always on what you need.

Spiritual Bootcamp: My Story of Spontaneous Personal Transformation

Are you ok? They told me I had passed out and was inches away from falling off the platform. I was hoisted into an ambulance that dashed across town. The doctors ran a bunch of checks on me but in the end said everything seemed fine. Not able to find any problems, they released me five hours later.

In the months followed, I fainted some more. With all this drama going on, my rational mind naturally thought I was going crazy. Yet deep down there was a sweeping presence of calmness. Hang in there. Listen to your small, still voice inside. You already have all the wisdom you need. I tried to hide these symptoms from the outside world as much as possible. I told her I had some personal issues. But with people who knew me well, it was harder to hide. And things could be tricky when those people could neither understand nor accept what was happening.

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My mother, for example, visited me once a year. To her, this person who used to be her healthy daughter had somehow turned into an anti-social, sad and sick lunatic. I tried to tell her that I was simply being rewired so that I could hold higher vibrations and be a bigger presence on earth. That would satisfy her for five minutes, and then she was back to her worrying-mother self. Our conversation always went like this—. Neither of us had much patience with the other.

I was frustrated with her, largely because I had the same doubts as her. When is it going to end? Is it ever going to end?

Bootcamp Live - Section 3 - Denise Duffield-Thomas

Your frustration with others is proportional to your own doubts about yourself. I wish I could tell you I always had unwavering faith in the divine order. My mind was full of doubts and I hardly got through a day without wondering if there was any divine order at all. Maybe the world was complete randomness and I was just an irregular blip on the screen of creation. A broken blip that needed fixing. My mother nagged me to go see a doctor. But all tests reported I was perfectly healthy.

She then sent me to a cardiologist, a gynecologist, and an endocrinologist. They ordered more tests, yet none of them could figure out what was wrong. I also tried acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbalism. At that point my doctor probably realized she was wasting her time with me. The silent void that was louder than a thunderstorm. The barren vacuum that made pain seem savory in comparison. Being always a doer and go-getter, this was the hardest part for me on this journey. The feeling—or rather, non-feeling— that nothing was happening often sent me into deep despair. It was very hard not to believe that I was stuck in time and would never move forward again.

What was also difficult was to let go of so many things I identified with. I had daily practices of rituals and meditations that I loved. I had done lots of healing work. I stopped all my spiritual practices as they no longer resonated. I had the strange realization that all my spiritual seeking in the last ten years had pretty much been a waste of time.

That realization was hard to stomach.

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Still, I told myself to stop holding onto the old and start leaning into the emptiness. It was scary and confusing.

Yet I tried my best not to run away. The end of the ego begins with you accepting that you know nothing. I felt like I was falling into a bottomless black hole deeper and deeper, with no sign in sight that things would get better. One night I had to work late. And when I got home it was almost 10 pm. I was alone, starving, and too exhausted to cook. Is this what life is about? I asked myself. I was working at a job that drained me, had zero social life as I felt too sensitive to be near most people.

I used to have dreams and aspirations, but now I hid myself from the world. And where I used to find meaning there was only emptiness. What is this all for? That was a rock bottom moment for me.

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And I wish I could tell you that was only the rock bottom moment. I wish I could tell you that from then on things had only gone upwards, just like in a Hollywood movie. But reality is more complicated. A story follows a linear line of progression. But reality is anything but linear. Sometimes you walk a thousand miles to go back where you started.